Company / Quality

Since its creation in 1986, Mundosol Quality has been a company committed to quality.

Thanks to our wealth of experience, at Mundosol Quality we know that prestige is the result of consistent quality maintained over the years.

Quality is simply the signature that guarantees our products, and therefore each and every one of our brands.

The different controls undergone by our products and brands have progressively turned Mundosol Quality into one of the sector leaders.

In order to maintain our self-demanded leadership we summarize the quality controls to which we subject our products in three stages:

  • Control and monitoring of the raw materials at source, and of the source itself.
  • Control in the product handling processes.
  • Control in the packaging, palletization and loading of the product, including its tracking to its final destination.

Mundosol Quality undergoes no fewer than five audits a year in order to confirm the validity of the application of our self-required internal processes.

At Mundosol Quality we are convinced that the evolution of our philosophy and corporate culture resides in our R&D department, which is the point of origin of all the products produced by Mundosol Quality.

Here are the certifications held by Mundosol Quality: