Company / Team

Mundosol Quality is the result of a family effort for consolidating what in 1986 was an idea: the company as an extension of the family.

This family culture is the mainstay of the Mundosol Quality concept; something conveyed almost spontaneously among colleagues.

Each and every one of the work posts existing at Mundosol Quality are indispensable and are supported by another, making up a production chain where each link is joined to the previous and next one.

Internal promotion has been implemented at Mundosol Quality since the very beginning, the same as ongoing training; its employees are what make a company great.

No doubt, the satisfaction of our customers must be the aim of the workers at Mundosol Quality.

The strategic location of the warehouse and offices, blending into the landscape of our estate at La Murada, make day-to-day smooth communication between departments and sections possible, which in turn allows for global production.

We currently have more than 30 persons in the different departments at the Mundosol Quality offices. The lemons we produce are picked one-by-one every day by the more than 500 labourers who make up our work teams. Around 260 people work in the warehouse preparing our customers’ orders.