XXXII Encuentro de Cuadrillas de Patiño

Mundosol Quality with the most popular events


Next Sunday, January 12, we have an appointment at ‘La fiesta de las pelotas’ in the XXXII Encuentro de Cuadrillas de Patiño, Murcia.

Throughout the day we will enjoy the music and gastronomy binomial. The music will run at the expense of the different crews that will meet at the event and will be brightening the day with their traditional songs. And gastronomy will be the work of skaters and skaters who will prepare their ancient recipe for broth with balls, seasoned with lemon.

At Mundosol Quality we are committed to society and to the activities that are carried out in our field, mainly. Proof of this is that our CSR policy is based on our participation in the most popular and entrenched holiday days in our environment.

Mundosol Quality is a Murcian company with a strong family character dedicated to both conventional and organic cultivation, handling and marketing of citrus fruits, mainly lemons.