Specialised in a single product since 1986: lemons.

More than 1100 hectares of our fields are dedicated exclusively to lemons.


– Primofiori

– Verna

– Organic

800 hectares of fields

of organic lemon.









We have replaced the use chemical fertilisers with organic fertilisers. We avoid herbicides, respecting spontaneous vegetation, and pesticides have been replaced by natural products and the use of predatory insects.


This way we produce a pure and organic lemon, respecting the environment, regenerating the fertility of the soil and without damaging the quality of underground water sources.

Complete traceability

Our goal is to produce the best fruit possible without compromising the future of generations to come.


In our facilities we guarantee the traceability of our products, there are exclusive and independent production lines specifically designed for organic lemons, that follow the strictest quality protocols.


We are the leading exporters of lemons to more than 15 countries.









Mundosol Quality

has developed

its own concept

of organic farming:

Mundosol Bio.