Products / Formats / Presentations

The Mundosol Quality concept cannot be understood without the personal and specific way we treat each one of our customers.

Each customer and each market demand a product type with specific qualities and a particular presentation.

Our corporate philosophy requires us to adapt to those demands thanks to the state-of-the-art technology that we place in the hands of our human capital.

Some of the most usual presentations are the following:

320 gr. X
360 gr. X X
400 gr. X
450 gr. X X X
500 gr. X X X
750 gr. X X
800 gr. X
1000 gr. X X
1.500 gr. X
2.000 gr. X
2.700 gr. X
3.000 gr. X
5.000 gr. X X X
6.000 gr. X
7.000 gr. X
10.000 gr. X
15.000 gr. X
20.000 gr. X
Flow Pack Nets Girsac Bags Boxes*


*Boxes can be plastic, wood or cardboard