Lemon and biscuits cake

The recipe that we propose you is so easy to elaborate that any person who is not experienced at the kitchen can carry out and obtain the best results her.

In addition, his ingredients are in the habit of being present in any icebox, by what it can be elaborated without need of previous planning.


  • Square biscuits, so many people since one needs
  • 150 gr. Butter
  • 195 gr. Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Glass of condensed milk
  • 1 Medium glass of juice of lemon


One of the things more importantly is to choose well a suitable mold: that is detachable in order that the tart does not break us. Once chosen the mold, the better thing is chooses one squared, we will smear it with a bit with butter with the aim that the cookies do not remain stuck to the mold.

Later there will be done the cream of lemon with which the dessert will be mounted little by little. For it the first thing that it is necessary to to do is to take the eggs and to separate the whites of egg of his yolks. With the help of a suitable utensil, the yolks will be spilt in a wide and deep container. The rest of ingredients will be added to this cavity: the condensed milk and the basic ingredient, the juice of lemon. Sugar will be added to the taste.

With the help of a mixer, there will be mixed all these ingredients of a homogeneous way up to obtaining a very thin and soft cream. The following step will consist of mounting the tart. For it the cookies will be placed one to one lengthways and width of the whole surface of the mold smeared with butter.

Later, there will be spilt a suitable quantity of cream of lemon as in order that it covers all the cookies. Once again, it will be necessary to place another cap of cookies and other one of cream, and so on until cream does not stay any more, bearing in mind that the last cap always will be of cream.

The dessert is almost ready, only it can only to mount the whites of egg of the eggs on the verge of snow, adding sugar up to achieving that it transforms in meringue. The meringue will serve as last cap of the tart and as ornament.

The last step is to introduce the dessert in the before warmed oven. The dessert of lemon will be baked by cookies during approximately thirty or forty minutes to 200 degrees approximately.

Once cooled, the dessert will be ready to be emaciated.


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