Asian coffee

Asian coffee is a typical coffee preparation of Cartagena. It certainly is a vitamin variant of the classic chocolate café that is eaten throughout the east coast.

Current recipe dates back to the 40s, when it was popularized by Pedro Conesa in his establishment, ‘Bar Pedrín’ Albujón, town of Campo de Cartagena, although it was very common among the fishermen of the area.

• Black coffee
• Condensed Milk
• Cognac
• Licor 43
• Canela
• Coffee beans
• Lemon peel

The development of the Asian coffee is simple, especially if we have the glass that makes the company José Díaz specifically to serve the coffee, and replaced the original Factory of Santa Ana, which was a glass of vermouth could not stand the contrast heat.

The first is to prepare an espresso, not too long nor too short, more or less to the top of the spears. Then we added condensed milk facets covering the bottom of approximately two fingers. The next step is to add brandy to taste and a little Licor 43. The authentic recipe includes burning brandy with a few grains of coffee and a slice of lemon peel, which accentuate its flavor. Sprinkle a little cinnamon and ready.



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