Lemon cream with coulis of strawberry


  • 200 ml. Milk informs
  • 200 ml. Cream
  • 4 Yolks of egg
  • Lemon peel
  • 120 gr. Sugar
  • 100 gr. Frozen (defrosted) strawberries


To prepare the recipe of ” lemon cream with coulis of strawberry ” first we will have to mix the scum, the milk and the lemon peel in a casserole. We take it to boiling and later we allow that it should cool during 90 minutes.

After, in a bowl, we beat the yolks and mix them with 75 grams of sugar.

Little by little we incorporate the mixture of milk and scum.

We have in individual molds for oven.

We cover with silver foil and place in the basket to cook to the steam of the pot express.

We put the water minimum in the pot, close and cook during 8 minutes.

We stop to cool and refresh for at least 2 hours.

While the cream goes curdling, we will do the coulis.

Simply, we cook to slow fire in a casserole the strawberries with the rest of the sugar.

When the strawberries are very soft we crush nice and stop to cool.

We serve the cream with a couple of spoonfuls of coulis of strawberry and a natural strawberry to decorate.


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