Hard Winter

Beginning of the year with more than half of Spain covered by snow and widespread rain. In the Mediterranean area the climate has been more benevolent, it has rained a little but it has not snowed in the citrus areas. However, some night we have had temperatures below 0 ° C that have hurt, perhaps due to the typical dryness of a year as little rainy as this, since the trees were not hydrated what they would like.

With this cold, the attacks by plagues have diminished and the trees are in full winter stop, prelude of the spring entrance with its greater photosynthetic activity, start of the new buds and beginning of flowering. We hope that our beloved clouds will one day, not very distant, discharge into the Mediterranean area and the trees will celebrate with an explosion of vigor of these new moves.

The vinagrillos bloom, the lavenders at their rhythm as always, the pariafiar smoke exhibits its white flowers and the first marigolds leave their pretty flowers. In the middle of the day with maximum temperatures close to 20 ºC, we can already see the pollinators that come in search of food, and we continue to enjoy the wonders that nature gives us.

As the Mar Menor is a hot spot to hibernate all kinds of birds of prey, in the whole area of the Cartagena countryside, many eagles are seen at this time. Later, when the temperatures begin to rise, they will migrate to other less warm areas, meanwhile to continue enjoying them, although it is difficult to capture them in an image.

The negative note as always to the transfer, follows the zero transfer since last May and we no longer know who to pray to.

The photograph that heads this post is of the channel of the transfer, stagnant water.