Time change

This weekend we have to change the time, but it could already be a change of time. From sunny spring to rainy spring!

While all the news daily in their news introduce images of the coast and the good weather that makes in Spain as a celebration, in the field we are always looking at the sky since it rains almost nothing. We are on the way to another peninsular drought. Therefore reason for celebration there is little, pulling nothing.

Another more than evident change of the climate change in which we live is that during several days of February and this month the thermometer has reached 30ºC, fact also praised in the news.


Look what you see when we look at the sky in search of clouds. On our farm, at the foot of the Sierra de Carrascoy, we have built another nest house to house insects, in their measure, beneficial. This time, we have made a stay by opening the door and putting new shoots of lemon or other adventitious herbs infected with aphids, hopefully the coccinellidae coleoptera like ladybugs take advantage of these entry holes (see header photo of the post, in the spots black of the red body have said entrances to the house nest) and in search of aphids or aphids nest in our rural hotel.

The truth is that the temperatures of these last two weeks have allowed the flowering to continue its course with little incidence of its plague the Lepidóptero Prays citri, low nocturnal temperatures prevent the activity of this noctuid lepidopteran.

During the middle of the day if they accompanied the spring temperatures that together with the smell of orange blossom, our friends the bees do walk at ease, from flower to flower (Photo 2). As you can see, even though there are already many open flowers, even flowers that have fallen petals and the future fruit is already in formation, you can also see floral buds that have just started, we will have to pay special attention to the latter since the temperatures continue to rise, the activity of Prays citri will increase and its damages can be irreversible in the expected future harvest.

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