The future is not something to bet on, it is a reality, and at Mundosol Quality we are very aware of this so … we live SUSTAINABLY, like that, in capital letters. We live sustainably every day and at all times, because the future is something to be taken very seriously.


For us, responsibility goes hand in hand with sustainability.
Wishing changes nothing, it is taking action that does.




Our farms

At Mundosol Quality we have more than 1,100 hectares of land where we grow the most deep-rooted varieties of lemon in our area: primofiori, verna and eureka.


All our farms, and those of our own growers, are located in the Southeast of Spain, a historical production area for quality citrus fruits. Our aim is to work with local produce, and to bring it to the world.

Each of our actions is designed to continue farming sustainably.





– Protection of spontaneous vegetation.

– Native plants.

– Fauna welfare.

– Maintenance of the landscape and rural communities.

– Bee Friendly Farming Certified.

– Fleet of hybrid vehicles.

– Reducing our carbon footprint.

– 100% utilisation of water from our facilities for our crops.

– Solar panels on our roofs.

– Control of our water footprint.

– Organic Fertilisers

– LEAF 360º Certificate.

Social Sustainability

– Ethical audits.

– Employees club.

– Sport sponsorships.

– Integration days.

– University research collaboration

– Support to NGOs

Our farmers reply

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